Tax Documents

Tax Documents

Sending Us Your Tax Documents

In most cases, your tax information can be uploaded via your Client Portal.  Your personal Client Portal makes it easy for you to Drag&Drop your documents  from your computer securely into a Sharefile folder in your Client Portal.  Also, Sharefile has a mobile app where you manage your tax data from your mobile device and even take a photo and send it securely to your Sharefile Client Portal.


We also provide secure submit forms that you can fill out online at our website.  These forms are  transferred securely to your Sharefile Client Portal from our website.   You are then automatically notified via email and text messaging when your submitted forms are posted to your portal.  Below are links to the specific forms on our site.

Secure Submit Forms

Client Forms

Tax Forms


Please review the miscellaneous questionnaire form below. Divorce stuff, tax payments, etc. can be detailed and submitted.

The ACA Questionnaire is only required if you received your health insurance through a marketplace.  If your health insurance is provided by your employer or you have private health insurance, you no longer need to fill out a  ACA questionnaire.

Also, please review the Tax Questionnaire- these simple Yes / No questions ensure your tax returns are comprehensively prepared given the recent changes in tax code.

Supplemental Worksheets

Please complete the following Supplemental Worksheets that pertain to your situation.

ExPats Worksheets

Flight Crew Worksheets

Please complete the following if you have flight crew expenses and reside in the following states:  Alabama, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota & New York, .  These states did NOT align with the IRS in regard to the suspension of the Employee Business Expense (flight crew) Deduction.

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