Job-Related Expenses

If you are a garden-variety employee and receive a W2, and you incurred expenses related to your job such as uniforms, union dues, cell phone expense, teacher supplies, etc. please describe using the form below (this is subject to the 2% income limitation). Business owners or rental property owners should detail expenses on the respective submit form.

Note: Vehicle expenses, home office deductions and flight crew expenses have their own form. Please see below and click on the fancy buttons.

If you used a vehicle for work-related travel outside of normal commuting, please complete the Vehicle Expenses Worksheet at-

Auto Expense, Mileage

If you use a space in your home as an office (rules apply), please complete the Home Office Worksheet at-

Home Office Deduction

Pilots and flight attendants should complete a separate form for uniforms, cell phone, internet, union dues, etc. at-

Flight Crew Expense Report

Job-Related Expenses

So, if you are NOT a business owner or rental property owner, and have expenses other than mileage, home office or flight crew stuff, use the space below-