Education Student Loans

There are two types of tax documents (1098-T and / or 1098-E) that you might receive if you are attending or have attended school, including your children. A 1098-T is a form that you should receive for tuition expenses. If you or your dependent went to a qualified school, 99% of the time a 1099-T form will be issued. We must get a copy of this form in addition to completing the information below.

A 1098-E is a form to report student loan interest. While we need the 1098-T form, however you can report student loan interest to us without a corresponding 1098-E form by using the submit form below.

Caution- if you are paying for your children’s education and tuition, and he or she has a job, we should prepare both tax returns. Depending on your income in conjunction with your child’s income, there might be better credits for your son or daughter to report the 1098-T and associated expenses on his or her tax return.

In other words, your high income might phase out the credits while your child’s income might allow for the maximum credit. Let us help maximize the tax benefit for the family unit- good Thanksgiving conversation.

You may submit multiple students as necessary.

Tuition Expenses (1098-T)