Charitable Contributions

Please detail your charitable donations and contributions below. If you made several similar donations, for example to Goodwill, you only need to submit one entry. If the organization such as your church or non-profit provided a statement to you showing the total donation, you do not need to complete this form– you can jot down your notes and send us the documentation directly.

If you have a spreadsheet or some other electronic version of your contributions, you can send that to us in lieu of using this form.

Myth Buster: The days of saying you donate $20 a week to church and deducting $1,040 are long gone. Since 2007, you must have a receipt for every dollar you donate. We do not need a copy of your receipts unless you have significant cash contributions.

Other rules including how to value your property can be found in our FAQS at-

Grouping Donations

You can group several trips to Goodwill, for example, as a single entry. Or you can submit them individually. Up to you. You must put a value on the donated items yourself- there is a great site called ItsDeductible where you can input each item to determine the donated value. Yes, it’s from TurboTax. Yes, they are a competitor of sorts, but their program is very cool.

Non-Cash Charitable Donation